June Favorites

June Favorites

Hello hello!!

June is, somehow, behind us! That means it’s time for another (belated) monthly favorites!! I have been so busy this month with work and prepping to travel next week, so there hasn’t been a ton of time to get into new stuff, but here are a couple things I’ve been liking!


Melodrama by Lorde

I was so in love with “Green Light” and “Liability,” so I could not wait to hear the rest of it and it does not disappoint. “Writer In The Dark” and “Hard Feelings/Loveless” have really stood out to me, but I can’t pick a favorite. It is consistent and touching and fantastically genuine, and serves as a beautiful graduation from her first album. I love that I’m so close in age to Lorde because I can relate to her journey in such a unique way. I have so much love and respect for her and I can’t wait to keep following her growth as an artist. Also, I am so excited to buy this on vinyl when it comes out!!


“The Leanover” by Life Without Buildings

This song was on my fall playlist and I loved it SO much, I don’t know how it disappeared out of my life for so long but it is back and I am thrilled. I love this entire album but this song is hands down my favorite from it. It’s literally just gibberish, but like, you understand the general vibe, you know? Also, Life Without Buildings, I know that before you broke up in the 90’s you were London-based but maybe you could get back together for one more quick reunion concert in Chicago? Just for me?

TV Show

Twin Peaks: The Return


I will be writing a very lengthy article on the return when it wraps up in September, because all we have now is a small piece of an untouchable narrative. The trailers, the publicity, the social media commentary, all made this revival out to be a repeat of the original two seasons. I went in excepting bittersweet nostalgia; Cooper sitting in the RR Diner with the gang drinking black coffee and eating pie, Audrey mischievously manipulating things to her advantage, Laura Palmer’s tragic homecoming portrait with that weird eerie theme that breaks your heart a little bit more every time. Instead we have received this 2017 masterful clusterfuck, that has taken the original’s bizarreness and translated it perfectly into modern television. It is completely revamped, without losing the deeply unsettling weirdness of the original.  I find myself developing a fierce and unwavering opinion on it every week just to have it shattered by the next episode. The only thing that doesn’t change is that Twin Peaks, the original, the movie, and The Return, is a masterpiece and I am in love.


“Speed Dial” by Colourpop

I am so in love with this lip color!! It’s my ultimate go-to, I have about 3 tubes of it floating around various purses. It’s a matte peachy nude that stays on forever and ever, and works beautifully with minimal makeup and with a full face. I wear Colourpop liquid lips almost exclusively, and I have never received more compliments on a lip color than on this one.


Violet Drink

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So, I work at Starbucks (which is a blast and I really like it) and I rarely get into the super sweet promotional drinks but I am OBSESSED with the violet drink. Everyone I work with hates me for it, I kind of don’t blame them because it’s a weird drink, but I am so into it. Like, made my mom try it. Like, purchased it outside of my job. I love anything that tastes floral, which is weird to begin with, but it’s so refreshing and has quickly become my summer favorite. It’s the Berry Hibiscus Refresher base except with coconut milk instead of water (so like the pink drink except berry) and I would highly recommend it. I hope my coworkers don’t fight me for this.

Random Amazon Purchase

Remote control fairy lights

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my living room!

PROS: Beautiful, 8 different settings plus dimming and brightening, remote so you don’t have to get out of bed, timer feature so I can fall asleep with them on, easy to hang, comes in rose gold so it fits my bedroom color scheme

CONS: I broke my toe because I dropped a hammer on it while I was trying to hang these up by myself (half an hour before I had to be at work, of course)



In Spookitude news, I will be solo-traveling from Chicago to Seattle on Monday and spending the week out there, and I am going to try my very hardest to vlog it, so stay tuned for that.

Much love xx


Mini Mood Playlist #2

Mini Mood Playlist #2

Theme Songs (Part 1)

  1. Young- Frankie Cosmos
  2. Stabler- The Prettiots
  3. Are You Satisfied?- Marina and the Diamonds
  4. Survival- Adult Mom
  5. People Ii: The Reckoning- AJJ
  6. Die Young- Sylvan Esso
  7. Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl- Broken Social Scene
  8. Liability- Lorde
  9. Suicide Hotline- The Prettiots
  10. Teenage Girl- Cherry Glazerr
  11. Aqua Profanda!-Courtney Barnett

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