FullSizeRender.jpgWho am I?? Not sure I have the answer to that question but I’ll let you know what I have so far!!

Right now I’m a Chicago based writer and barista trying to blog. With that, I’m hoping to dive into some political activism stuff, some general lifestyle stuff, some makeup stuff, some intersectional feminist stuff, and anything else I end up wanting to throw into the internet void.

I’m nineteen and taking some time to explore before school. I’m not sure what I’ll do in school, but I am leaning towards politics; though I also love forensic psychology and have wanted to do it for years, hence the time to explore. My background is almost entirely in theatre. I started with acting and then gave directing a shot, but I really hit my stride with writing and production management. Now I’m living by myself (plus my feline roommate Beatrice) in the city and working at Starbucks, which is rad. I’m writing a bunch, too; mostly plays. I am super into true crime, politics, Lana Del Rey, makeup, and photography.