Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!

I’ve wanted to do this for so very long, and I am so glad to finally be starting. I haven’t felt particularly inspired to get this started until this year. In the first week of November, the Cubs won the World Series, Trump won the election, and I moved out of my family’s house in mild suburbia and into my apartment in Chicago. So a lot has changed, for better and for (much) worse, and I’ve learned a lot; about myself and otherwise.

I love writing, but I’ve only been writing plays for the past few years, and so I think it’s time to branch out and write about real life for a little bit. I have some really cool things planned for this blog. As cliché as it sounds, I’m hoping to create really genuine content; I hope that my voice can be loud and honest enough to make a difference.

If you’re into this, I’m also going to be youtube-ing! I have a lot more to learn about editing, etc. before I can really dive into that, and it’s going to be interesting to see if I can become comfortable enough in front of a camera for that to go anywhere, but that should be a lot of fun, too.

This post has been pretty boring and matter-of-fact and serious, and they definitely won’t all be like this, but it’s a start.

Much love xx


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